Grades: K-3

Running Time: 20 minutes

About: They sing - they dance - they'll make you laugh if you give them a chance! Here come the Dinostars - taking the stage to entertain you with heroic and Mesozoic acts of fun! With Raptors who rap, stand-up comedians, and even Tyrannosaurus Tex and his gang of line-dancing dinosaurs, our panel of judges have a big job ahead of them! Young performers in the primary grades will love their time in the spotlight with this entertaining 20-minute musical featuring five original songs in a variety of musical styles, clever rhyming dialog with over 35 speaking parts easily adaptable to casts of varying sizes, simple movement and production tips to help stage a successful performance, even when time is limited. Let's get on with the show! 

Kit Includes: Teacher Edition, Student Reproducible Pack, Performance/Accompaniment CD

Dinostars! A Musical Variety Show for Young Singers

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  • $89.99

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