Grades: K-4

Running Time: 20 minutes

About: Three! Two! One! Blast off on an exciting adventure into outer space! Meet a host of famous “star gazers” and discover the important elements that make up our solar system. Reinforce what you have studied in science class as you explore fascinating facts about the sun and moon, comets, asteroids and meteors, our nine planets all 'in a row' and much more! This entertaining and educational musical for primary grades features 5 original songs and easy-to-learn rhyming dialog to introduce each song. The Teacher Edition comes complete with fully accompanied songs, choreography and a helpful production guide with ideas for staging and costumes. Go ahead and reach for the stars, and remember, it starts with one small step! 

Kit Includes: Director's Guide, Reproducible Kit, ShowTrax CD


Spaced Out! A Musical About Our Solar System and Beyond


  • Product Code: HL 09970634
  • $89.99

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