Composers: John Jacobson, Roger Emerson

Grades: 4-8

Running Time: 35 minutes

About: Whoa! It's spooky in this attic! Quick! Let's find those holiday decorations and get out of here! Hey! Look at this piece of junk. Yikes! It talks ... a TALKING JUKEBOX that lights up and plays music? Join in the fun as Holly Jolly Jukebox spins records from the '40s to the '70s - back to the good ole days of swing, doo wop, beach music and disco! See how the Jukebox learns that we all have something to share no matter how old or outdated we think we are. This holiday musical features six original songs with connecting script and over 25 speaking parts. The Teacher Edition is filled with quality performance material including piano/vocal arrangements and choreography, script and helpful production guide.

Kit Contains: Teacher Edition, 20 Singer books and digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings

Basic Details
Costume & Set Pieces:

The musical takes place in the attic of your school. As each scene and song develops, you could add set pieces, props and costumes appropriate for that period. You could decorate the set with any old things you might find in an attic such as bookshelves, racks of old clothes, suit cases and trunks, mannequins, seldom-used exercise equipment and so on. The center piece of the show is, of course, the Holly Jolly Jukebox. This prop could be any size and as elaborate as you want to make it. If it were bigger than life, it might have the most effect. If you have an ambitious stage crew, you could outfit the jukebox with chaser lights or other lights, various bells and whistles and even a fog machine to make it ever more magical. If you put the Jukebox on wheels, it could be moved to different parts of the stage for different scenes, or it could be stationary either at center stage or off to one side. It might be best to have the jukebox off to one side, on its own stage or even in front of the stage if you have an orchestra area, leaving the main stage for the performers of the songs. 

Since the jukebox is an integral character in the musical with the most speaking lines, you may want to have an amplified speaker come from it. The actual voice could speak from a person on a microphone either inside of the jukebox or offstage. The idea is to make it seem as though the jukebox is speaking. Perhaps whenever it speaks, it lights up. 

Cast List:

The cast is made up of the Holly Jolly Jukebox who should have a big and fun voice. You might model he or she after a cartoon-like voice, or you might even use an adult voice for this character. There are different groups of students for each scene essentially playing themselves. You may notice that we assigned most of them gender neutral names so they could be played by either a girl or a boy. We did it this way to give the most cast members a chance to have some lines. If you have a smaller cast, you could combine characters. Each scene features modern day youth. However, since each song represents a different era, you could feature singers and dancers who are costumed to represent that era. 

Song List:
  • California Christmas 
  • Doo Wop December 
  • Jingle Bell Jam
  • S-A-N-T-A 
  • Something To Share 
  • Swingin' Holiday

Holly Jolly Jukebox

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